Monday, June 3, 2013

Angels and Saints

On Angels (by Saint Bernard, abbot)
St. Anthony Preaches to the Fishes (by St. Anthony  of Padua)
The Holy Guardian Angels (by St. Bernard of Clairvaux)
Saint Anthony Recieves his Vocation (by Saint Athanasius, bishop)
The Glory of the Martyrs - A Sign of Rebirth (by Pope Paul VI)
Spiritual Heros (by Pope St. Clement) 
St. Teresa's Bookmark (St.Teresa of Avila's bookmark)
St. Francis' Sermon to the Birds (St. Francis of Assisi)
They cannot speak, yet they bear witness to Christ (by Saint Quodvultdeus)
Saint Monica, by Augustine ( by Saint Augustine)
The Love of Christ Drives Us On (by Saint Anthony Mary Claret)
I Have No Fear (Maria Goretti) (by Pope Pius XII)
The Nine Choirs of Angels (With Bible Verse Numbers)
The Guardian Angel's Lament (Anon)
The Virtues of Saint Joseph (Our Lady to St. Bridget of Sweden)
The Practice of Charity (by Saint Therese of Lisieux)
Since my longing for martyrdom was Powerful.. (by Saint Therese of Lisieux)
Late Have I Loved You (by Saint Augustine)
O Jesus, Your little Bird is Happy to be Weak and Little (by Saint Therese of Lisieux)
The Replacement of the Fallen Angels By Elect Men (by Saint Augustine)
St. Nicholas and the Three Girls (by Saint John Vianney)
My Lord and My God (by Saint Gregory the Great - On Saint Thomas)
The Martyrs had Seen what they Proclaimed (by Saint Augustine)
On King David and His Fall into Crime (by St. Theodore the Studite)
By their Fruits You will Know Them (by Saint John Damascene)
A Humble Woman who lived a Virtuous Life (by Pope Pius XII)
The Peace of Constantine (by Saint Eusebius of Caesarea)
On the Twelve Apostles (by Pseudo-Hippolytus)
On The Seventy Disciples (by Pseudo-Hippolytus)
Let Us Gain Eternal Wisdom (by Saint Augustine)
The Glory of the Martyrs - A Sign of Rebirth (by Pope Paul VI)
The Patience and Charity of Saint Frances (by Mary Magdalene Anguillaria)
The Faithful Foster-Father and Guardian (by Saint Bernadine of Siena)
Jesus Saw Him Through the Eyes of Mercy and Chose Him (by Saint Bede the Venerable)
As the Father sent Me, So I am sending You (by Saint Cyril of Alexandria)
Precursor of Christ in Birth and Death (by Saint Bede the Venerable)
The Lady Spoke to Me (by Saint Marie Bernadette Soubirous)
On All the Saints (by Saint Gregory Thaumaturgus)
Confessions of St. Patrick (by Saint Patrick)
Go To Joseph! (by Saint Teresa of Avila)
The Example of Saint Paul (by Saint Augustine)
He Spoke with God or about God (various Writings on the History of the Order of Preachers)
He Administered the Sacred Chalice of Christ's Blood (by Saint Augustine)
That They Might Guard You In All Your Ways (by Saint Bernard)
I Give Myself as your Spouse Forever (by Saint John of the Cross)
Put Inward Experiences to the Test (from the Life of Saint Ignatius from his own words)

John is the Voice, and Christ is the Word (by Saint Augustine)

Let Us Make Haste to Our Brethren Who are Awaiting Us (by Saint Bernard, abbot)

Books and Online Reading

Saints for Sinners
St. Kateri Tekakwitha "Lily of the Mohawks"

Recommended Reading

Angel Power
The Illustrated World Encyclopedia of Saints
A Tree Full of Angels: Seeing the Holy in the Ordinary
Angel Courage: 365 Meditations and Insights to Get Us Through Hard Times
Catholic Saints Prayer Book: Moments of Inspiration from Your Favorite Saints

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