Sunday, January 6, 2013

Daily Prayers

Prayers to Begin

The Crown of Thorns Prayer

Morning Prayers 

Morning Offering (with relevation to Saint Mechilte)
Aspiration to Jesus 
(with relevation to Saint Mechilte)
Guardian Angel Prayer (by Saint Gertrude)
Recommendation to Jesus (with revelation to Saint Gertrude)

A Morning Offering Based on Three Revelations (revelations from our Lord)
Intention to be formed in the Morning 
(with revelation to Saint Gertrude)
Uniformity to God's Will (by Saint Gertrude)
At the Beginning of the Day (from the Raccolta)
Heroic Act for Souls in Purgatory (with revelation to Saint Gertrude)

Evening Prayers

An Evening Prayer (efficacious prayer)
Guardian Angel Prayer - Old (efficacious prayer)
Evening Prayer to the Holy Spirit (by Saint Antiochus)
Night Prayer in Response to a Request from Our Lord (Our Lord to Sr. Josefa Menedez)
To the Blessed Virgin and Other Saints (to commend ourselves to her care)
Intention before Sleep (taught to St. Gertrude by our Lord)

Prayer for Daily Neglects (efficacious with revelation)
Wonderful thanks of great efficacy (with examination of Conscience)

Examination of Conscience (based on the 10 Commandments)
When you can't sleep (taught to St. Gertrude by our Lord)

Daily Prayers

Prayer to be Renewed each Week

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