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Wisdom from the Saints

Actions Speak Louder than Words (by St. Anthony of Padua)
Clear Your  Minds (by St. John Vianney)
Our Daily Work is to do the Will of God (by Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton)
I Give Myself as your Spouse Forever (by St. John of the Cross)
The Meaning of the Fear of the Lord (by Saint Hilary of Poitiers)
Have Faith in Christ, and love (by Saint Ignatius of Antioch)
The Mercy of God to the Penitent (by Saint Maximus the Confessor)
Purification of spirit (by Saint Leo the Great)
Christian Wisdom (by Saint Leo the Great)
Denying oneself and following Christ (by Saint Romuald)
I have Fought a Good Fight (by Saint John Chrysostom, bishop)
Maxims for Attaining Perfection (by Saint Alphonsus Liguori)
The Corporal and Spiritual Works of Mercy
Rules for Living Well (by Leonard-Port Maurice)
The Right Use of our Faculties (by Dom Lorenzo Scupoli)
The Way of Light (by St. Barnabus)
Self-Restraint Leads to Higher Enjoyments (by Saint Leo the Great)
Model your Death Upon that of Jesus Christ (by St. John Vianney)
I Do Not Try to Please Men, But God (by St Ignatius of Antioch)
Let Me Not Only be Called a Christian, But Prove. . . (by St Ignatius of Antioch)
The Example of Nazareth (by Pope Paul VI)
You are the Light of the World (by St Chromatius)
Thoughts on the Way to Church (by St. John Vianney)
That you Hid these Things from the Wise II (by Saint Augustine)
You Will Answer for Their Souls (by Saint John Vianney)
The Benefits of Abstinence (by Saint Leo the Great)
Have a Clean Face (by Saint John Vianney)
Progress and Improvement always Possible (by Saint Leo the Great)
Confess your Sins at the Acceptable Time (by St Cyril of Jerusalem)
The Duties of Parents (by Saint John Vianney)
The Duties of the Mother (by Saint John Vianney)
The Duties of the Pregnant Woman (by Saint John Vianney)
Consider the Poor in the Light of Faith (by Saint Vincent de Paul)
Behold, I send you forth as sheep in the midst of wolves (by Saint Augustine)
If we Knew at what Time we were to Depart from this World (by Gregory the Great)
We Minister to Christ Himself in the Person of his Poor (by Saint Leo the Great)
We Are Nothing In Ourselves (by Saint John Vianney)
You No Longer Control Them (by Saint John Vianney)
We Proclaim Christ to the Whole World (by Pope Paul VI)
The Duty of Mercy Outweighs all other Virtues (by Saint Leo the Great)
Getting to Know the Right People (by Saint John Vianney)
Have You Religion in your Heart? (by Saint John Vianney)
It is equally Dangerous to Deny the Godhead (by Saint Leo the Great)
The Signs that accompany the Religious and Non Religious (by St. Symeon Metaphrastis)
The Contest of Faith (by Saint Cyprian)
The Way to True Life (by Saint Thomas Aquinas)
On The Soul Should be Beautiful (by St. Theodore the Studite)
On Incensive Power (by St. Diadochos of Photiki)
The Rod of Chastisement (by St. Symeon Metaphrastis)
Put Faith into Practice by Thinking on These Four Truths (by St. Bernadette Soubirous)
Let Us Sanctify Ourselves in Both Thoughts and Deeds (by St. Theodore the Studite)
Our Goods are Given us Not as our Own Possessions (by Saint Leo the Great)
The Prosperous must show Forth their Thankfulness to God (by Saint Leo the Great)
Be Firm on all Occasions (by Saint Francis de Sales)
Put Christ before Everything (by Saint Benedict)
Those who are Outside the Church are our Brothers (by Saint Augustine)
If We shall Gain Comfort from Afflictions (by St. Athanasius)
Homily on the Sinful Woman (by Saint Ephraim)
On the Soul (by Saint Gregory Thaumaturgus)
All Men Are Called to Holiness (by Saint Augustine)
Restoration to the Divine Image (by Saint Leo the Great)
Hope of Life is the Beginning and End of Our faith (attributed to Barnabus)
Let Everything be Done for God's Honour (by Saint Ignatius of Loyola)
For the Sake of God we must endure all Things (by Saint Ignatius of Antioch)
Put Inward Experiences to the Test (from the Life of Saint Ignatius from his own words)
Sow for the Sake of your own Righteousness (by Saint Basil the Great)
Let Us Follow a New Way of Life through the Spirit  (by Saint Pacian)
Let Us Gain Eternal Wisdom (by Saint Augustine)
Your Body is Holy and Glorious (by Pope Pius XII)
We must Sanctify the Whole World (by Saint Maximilian Kolbe)
The Way of Light  (taken from the Epistle of Barnabus)
Fights Without and Fears Within (by Pope Saint Gregory the Great)
The New Law of Our Lord (taken from the Epistle of Barnabus)
Wisdom's Likeness and Image is Created in God's Works (by St Athanasius)
Let Us Follow the Way of Truth (by Pope St Clement I)
Let Us Make Haste to Our Brethren Who are Awaiting Us (by Saint Bernard, abbot)
Practice What You Preach (by St Charles Borromeo)
Let Hope Give Us Endurance (from a sermon of the second century)

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