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My Week in the Wounds

My Week in the Wounds

“Everyday of the week enter into one of the Wounds of the Saviour and remain in it with love.”  - Saint Francis of Sales to Saint Jeanne of Chantal


O my most amiable Lord Jesus, filled with respect, I associate myself to the Most Blessed Virgin Mary, your Mother, to adore your Holy Humanity humiliated. I adore the Holy Wound of your Right Hand and I thank You for the infinite love with which You wanted to endure so numerous and cruel sufferings to expiate for my sins which I detest with all my heart. I recommend to You your Cherished People, your Church for which You gave yourself up, out of love. Bless and protect your Vicar on earth.

O my most amiable Lord Jesus, Immolated Lamb, United to the whole Celestial Court and with all the faithful on earth, I adore the Wound of your Left Hand. I thank You, 0 Lord, it is on account of our sins that You have been transfixed. I recommend to You all the dying people of this day. Touch the hearts of the most hardened sinners.

Eternal Father, Father of mercy and God of all consolations, under the movement of your Holy Spirit and through the most pure hands of Mary, I offer You my humble life in union with the Passion and Resurrection of your Son Jesus. Receive his Sacred Wounds which implore mercy for everyone of us and heal the wounds of humanity.

O my most amiable Jesus, You, who for our sins have been struck unto death, I love You. Humbly, I adore the Sacred Wound of your Right Foot. Help all people who want to serve You more closely. Make of your priests and of all your consecrated souls ardent lamps that light and warm up today's world.

O my most amiable Jesus, in union with all the souls that are still detained far from You in the expiatory flames of Purgatory and who yearn to be with You, I adore the Sacred Wound of your Left Foot. Have mercy on those souls that languish while waiting for your mercy. Help the persons tried by the difficulties of life and who walk in darkness. Be their only hope.

Eternal Father, most loving Father, I offer You the Wounds of Jesus crucified and resurrected to heal the wounds of our souls.

O my most amiable Jesus, it is through your sufferings that You have saved the multitudes. You who let Yourself be crushed under the weight of the sins of the world, receive our love, receive our worship. I particularly adore the Wound of your Open Side, your Transfixed Heart. Be our refuge; it is through your Wounds that we are healed.

O my most amiable Lord Jesus, your Holy Face was marred by the wickedness of men, by our sins. The chastisement which brings us peace fell upon You. The Crown of thorns ploughs into your Skull, your venerable Brow, your Sacred Head, Temple of the Divine Wisdom. I love You and adore You, 0 Lord Jesus. The Wound of your Bruised Shoulder, the Wounds of your Lacerated Knees and those of your atrocious scourging are as so many mouths that shout to us your love, amiable Savior. I recommend to You all the miserable and those for whom I must pray and who rely upon my prayers.

Eternal Father, most loving Father, I offer You with my humble life all the Bloody and Triumphant Wounds of your Son Jesus to heal the wounds of humanity.


Through You, Lord Jesus crucified and resurrected, the world will be renewed. Change the hearts, one by one, through contact with your Transfixed Heart, rectify the minds through contact with your Sacred Head crowned with thorns, Temple of the Divine Wisdom; change all our habits through contact with every one of your Bloody and Triumphant Wounds.

O Mary, Sorrowful Mother, offer to the Holy Trinity the Wounds and sufferings of the Sacred Humanity of our Savior Jesus Christ, your Son; to this offering, join our sinful lives with their joys, their pains, their worries, their works.

Lord Jesus crucified, your hands are nailed down; we will be your hands throughout the world, to bless, to work, to nurse, and to serve; your feet are nailed down; everywhere we will bear your Presence and your Word. Yes, 0 beloved Jesus, we will be your Head in humiliation, your Limbs in action, your Heart in love!

Lord Jesus, your Body crucified and resurrected is an immense glowing fire. Every one of your Glorious Wounds radiates beneficial light and redeeming warmth upon the world.


O my amiable Jesus crucified and resurrected, You are the BOOK of the unlearned and of the simple of heart, the PARDON of sinners, the LIGHT of the unbelievers, the CONQUEROR of the godless, the FIRE that set ablaze the lukewarm. Bea most loving BROTHER, the ALL to the fervent souls.

Eternal Father, most loving Father, under the loving impulse of your Holy Spirit, I offer You the Painful and Glorious Wounds of your beloved Son; receive also, for our salvation, the co-redemptrix tears of his Immaculate Mother.

Mary, Immaculate Mother, compassionate Mother of Jesus crucified, trade our hearts for yours. We give you our heart, our thoughts, our miseries, our wishes, and you will give us your Heart which burns in unison to that of your Son's, with his thoughts, his mercies and his wishes.

With all the Celestial Court, I adore You, 0 Jesus crucified and resurrected, particularly with the angels of God. I cling to You, my only certitude; I hold fast to You, my life-saving buoy.

Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart of Mary, compassionate Mother, you have contemplated the Wounds of Jesus one by one, your motherly Heart has also been deeply transfixed. All those sufferings, you wanted them, accepted them, offered them because they were the Father's will to save us through the Wounds and the Blood of your beloved Son.


Eternal Father, Author of all perfect gift, in order to make us understand your merciful love for us, You have not disdained to send us your only-begotten Son on earth where He lived in the conditions of a slave. It is through love for us that He has wanted to endure his horrible Passion, be scourged, crowned with thorns, be overlaid with wounds and die on the Cross. You have therefore exalted Him by giving Him a Name that is above all names. Lord, your mysteries are unfathomable!

Most loving Father, I offer You my life and my actions, in union with the Holy Wounds of Jesus and the tears of his Blessed Mother.

O Sorrowful Mother, with you, I contemplate, one after the other, the Wounds of your Divine Son. I contemplate those Glorious Wounds through which the sufferings of humanity are transformed into eternal glory.

O Jesus, your Wounds are wide-opened doors to Heaven; remember me in your Paradise.


O Lord Jesus, You have loved us so much that You have given Yourself up for every one of men; You have become one of us, spoken our language, You the Word, and You have wanted to restore everything in your Blood with which You sprinkled the whole earth. You have given Yourself up into our hands: "Take... eat... for this is my Body"! However, in daily life, men do not believe You and do not trust your love. You, "who has vanquished the world", when, Lord Jesus, will You conquer our mistrusting and incredulous hearts?

Lord Jesus, through your Sacrifice on the Cross, You have kindled the fire of love on hearth. This fire, You wish to see it revived and spread through the whole world so that it become a huge and unextinguishable glowing fire. May the sight of your Wounds, O amiable Jesus, rekindle a simple feeling of compassion in the most hardened hearts. That humble spark, all humane, will suffice to fan the ardour of your Love and then it will burst out like a violent conflagration. Yes, 0 Jesus, You are truly marvelous in your tenderness and your might! Your Glorified Wounds are as so many suns which light and purify hearts. By your sign, the sign of the Cross, you shall conquer!


O Jesus, meek and humble of heart, we often experience confusion but we rarely practice true humility which is the virtue of the trusting, simple and pure souls. It is in the widely-opened Wounds of your Sacred Heart, that through your merits, we shall acquire it. It is there also that we shall understand meekness and gentleness and that we shall renounce our own will as your dead Heart has let itself be transfixed by the lance. May your love teach us renouncement of self, so that we wish only your glory and the salvation of souls.

Lord Jesus crucified and resurrected, let us hear anew your supreme cry of mercy: "Father, pardon them for they do not know what they are doing!" We shall hear You deplore the thirst of souls; we join our voices to yours and shout out a vibrant call to all, particularly to those who oppose it, the revolted, the embittered, the lukewarm, the apostates, and the divorced... Father, hear our sighs united to that of your beloved Son; rectify all minds and purify all hearts in the love of your Holy Spirit.

O Jesus, the absence of your apostle Peter on Calvary has torn your Heart; it was then that your imploring gaze was directed towards a criminal who was insulting You. Cast, 0 Lord, a glance of kindness and love upon us as You did for the thief, and after his example, repentant, grant us to openly proclaim your glory, being assured of your might and mercy.


O Mary, Sorrowful Mother, you want to bring everyone of us to recognize your Son crucified and resurrected as our only Savior; unite our lives to His and His Sacrifice, offer them to our common Heavenly Father. Gather us all in the Wounds of Jesus as in a safe shelter. You are, 0 Mary, the mother of the weak, the suffering, the discouraged, the embittered, the revolted and the soiled. We rely upon you to lead us, full of hope, to the foot of the Crucifix, the standard of the Holy Church. Make us all zealous and faithful standard-bearers.

O Mary, Immaculate Mother, the Wounds of your Son Jesus are eternally engraved in your Heart; grant us that, for us also, his Sacred Wounds be deeply imprinted in our hearts.

In your Glorious Wounds, Lord Jesus, I have nothing to fear neither from myself, nor from others, nor from the devil; You are, 0 Jesus, my shield, my ram part, my refuge, my rock; before whom should I tremble?

Most Holy Father, most Merciful Father, through the breath of your Spirit and the most pure hands of Mary, I offer You my humble life, the cruel Passion of your Son, his transfixed Heart, his Sacred Head crowned with thorns, his Holy Face marred, his Precious Blood, the Wounds of his Hands, of his Feet, of his Shoulder and of all his dislocated Body. Father, receive this infinite offering and make us the zealous apostles and the faithful companions of Jesus crucified and resurrected and of Mary Immaculate.

Lord Jesus, we lay our humble lives in your Sacred Wounds; make us participants of your Divinity so that with You and all humanity, we constitute a pure offering to the glory of our Heavenly Father.

O my Jesus, through the merits of your Holy Wounds and your Precious Blood, we beseech You, inflame with the zeal of your love and your glory all the priests of the world, all the missionaries and every one of us, so that we proclaim your Word and, by so doing, the souls be taken away from the devil and led into the asylum of your Heart where they will, with You, eternally be able to glorify the infinite mercy of the Father. Amen.

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