Friday, August 30, 2013

The Litany of Jesus Christ, Priest and Victim

Lord, have mercy. 
Lord, have mercy. 
Christ have mercy. 
Christ, have mercy. 
Lord, have mercy. 
Lord, have mercy. 

Christ hear us. 
Christ, hear us. 
Christ graciously hear us. 
Christ, graciously hear us. 

God the Father of Heaven, 
Have mercy on us. 
God the Son, Redeemer of the world, 
Have mercy on us. 
God the Holy Spirit 
Have mercy on us. 
Holy Trinity, one God, 
Have mercy on us.

R./ Have mercy on us. 

Jesus, Priest and Victim, 
Jesus, Priest forever according to the order of Melchizedek, etc.
Jesus, Priest Whom God sent to evangelize the poor, 
Jesus, Priest Who at the Last Supper instituted the everlasting Sacrifice, 
Jesus, Priest always living to intercede for us,
Jesus, High Priest anointed by the Father with the Holy Spirit and with power,
Jesus, High Priest taken from among men, 
Jesus, High Priest appointed on behalf of men, 
Jesus, High Priest of our confession of faith,
Jesus, High Priest of a greater glory than Moses, 
Jesus, High Priest of the true Tabernacle,
Jesus, High Priest of the good things to come, 
Jesus, High Priest, holy, innocent and undefiled,
Jesus, High Priest, faithful and merciful,
Jesus, High Priest of God and on fire with zeal for souls,
Jesus, High Priest, perfect forever,
Jesus, High Priest, Who passed through the Heavens with Thy own Blood,
Jesus, High Priest, Who gave eternal life for us,
Jesus, High Priest, Who loved us and washed us from our sins in Thy Blood, 
Jesus, High Priest, Thou hast offered Thyself as an oblation and victim to God,
Jesus, Victim of God and of men, 
Jesus, Victim, holy and immaculate, 
Jesus, appeasing Victim, 
Jesus, peace-making Victim, 
Jesus, Victim of propitiation and of praise, . 
Jesus, Victim of reconciliation and of peace, 
Jesus, Victim in Whom we have confidence and access to God, . 
Jesus, Victim living forever and ever, 

Be merciful! R. Spare us, O Jesus. 
Be merciful! R. Graciously hear us, O Jesus.

R./ deliver us, O Jesus

By Thine eternal priesthood,
By Thy holy anointing,Thou wert constituted Priest by God the Father, 
By Thy priestly spirit, 
By Thy ministry, Thou hast glorified Thy Father upon earth, 
By Thy bloody immolation of Thineself made once upon the Cross, 
By Thy same Sacrifice renewed daily upon the altar,
By Thy Divine power, which Thou dost invisibly exercises in Thy priests,

R./ We beseech you, hear us. 

Graciously preserve the entire priestly order in holiness of life, 
Graciously provide for Thy people pastors after Thine own heart, 
Graciously fill them with the spirit of Thy priesthood, 
Graciously grant that the lips of priests may hold knowledge, 
Graciously send faithful laborers into Thy harvest,
Graciously multiply faithful stewards of Thy mysteries, 
Graciously grant them persevering service in accordance with Thy will, 
Graciously grant them meekness in the ministry, skill in action and constancy, in prayer,
Graciously promote through them everywhere the worship of the Blessed Sacrament 
Graciously receive into Thy joy those who have served Thee well, 

Lamb of God, Thou takest away the sins of the world,  Spare us, O Lord. 
Lamb of God, Thou takest away the sins of the world,  Graciously hear us, O Lord. 
Lamb of God, Thou takest away the sins of the world,  Have mercy on us, O Lord.

Jesus our Priest, Hear us. 
Jesus our Priest, Graciously hear us.

Let us pray
O God, sanctifier and guardian of Thy Church, raise up in her by Thy Spirit worthy and faithful stewards of the sacred mysteries, that by their ministry and example, the Christian people may be directed along the way of salvation under Thy protection. We ask this through Christ Our Lord. R. Amen.

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